2 thoughts on “Confederate Linen Sling

  1. I just heard a major dealer say that an original cotton sling with Bangor, Maine markings exists somewhere. Does anybody have any information about that? This is the first I’ve ever heard of this after nearly 40 years of collecting. Thanks

    • Mike,
      I’ve recently read the same article you mention. So I’m guessing that the linen slings may not be Confederate after all. Which would be a bummer, especially because I own 8 of them.
      A number of years ago I was speaking to a prominent CW dealer who is also a relic hunter about linen slings. He felt there was no proof of linen slings being confederate because he had never found any remnants of the slings metal hooks at any of the Southern camps he hunted and he had been hunting for decades. Typical of Confederate items we may not ever know the truth, but it’s good some are still exploring the facts.

      Regards, Gene West

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