2 thoughts on “1863 Richmond Va. Carbine

  1. I would consider actually owning and being in possession of a 1863 Richmond
    carbine a very moving experience and an absolute privilege.You would have to
    wonder who used it and would it have been involved in a lot of action.Maybe it was a life taker,maybe.The best I can afford is a replica I am going through the
    process of purchasing a Armi Sport Carbine with all the appropriate markings
    on the lock and barrel etc.I am nearly 76 years of age and still enjoying shooting
    muzzle loading as well as black powder cartridge rifles.I use mainly Springfields
    Mod.68/70 in 50/70 cal and 45/70 in my 1873 carbine and 1884 T/doors.I like to cast my own projectiles etc and do all my hand loading etc.It is a great experience to collect but also use a piece of history.I wear an original USS scout
    badge on my hat.I have always been interested in the Indian Wars.
    Anyway,half your luck in owning a magnificent piece of history.I also represent the confederates when we do our live fire re-enactment matches with my confederate belt buckle and confederate cavalry marked kepi cap.
    Good luck to you,son of the confederates.I will remain loyal.Kind regards.

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