Fake Confederate Artillery Sword

I Recently purchased a Confederate Artillery Sword that was for sale at an online auction, going against my better judgement ( because if something seems to good to be true it generally is) I put my bid in for the sword and won. In about a week my sword arrived and I quickly and carefully removed it from its packaging. I was surprised to have won the auction at the price I paid, not that I paid a little for the sword but I certainly would’a payed more if I purchased it through a reputable dealer.

After carefully studying the sword for a couple of days and having some questions about its authenticity I sent it to one of the leading experts of Confederate weapons in the country. Shortly after receiving the sword the expert called me and said he couldn’t and wouldn’t authenticate the Artillery Sword. Needless to say I was pretty bummed and embarrassed about being fooled into buying the sword. Fortunately there was a 30 day inspection period that allowed me to return the sword, leaving me the cost of shipping only out of pocket…..oh, and a little embarrassed.

I’ve written in earlier post that you should never purchase Civil War Weapons from online auctions….funny how I don’t heed my own advice. I guess it’s another learning lesson on how and how not to buy CW weapons.

I recommend to all potential buyers, DO NOT BUY CW WEAPONS FROM ONLINE AUCTIONS…..FIND A REPUTABLE DEALER AND BUY FROM THEM…….it’s safer, cheaper (in the long run) and just a better overall experience.

Carefully examine the photos of the artillery swords in the photos above, one is real and the other is fake…….can you tell? Its very hard to tell with just a photograph, most would need to handle the weapon.

12 thoughts on “Fake Confederate Artillery Sword

  1. Thanks for a wonderful and informative website. You have provided us with a unique perspective on the American Civil War through the weapons and accouterments of that titanic struggle.
    Weather an experienced collector or hopeful enthusiast, this site is another valuable tool for all of us to enjoy and reflect upon.
    To all collectors allow me to say “caveat emptor” , let the buyer beware, but here we have a place to see and study and share in the host’s experiences.

  2. Dear Sir; I have recently found while metal detecting in the land around my home in Ringgold Va. the handle of a confederate short sword. I have not yet found the blade but hope to. I am interested in selling it and a friend directed me to your website. please contact me if you are interested. I am attaching photos and I very much appreciate your consideration!

  3. Wow, what a nice find….and in Virginia, very cool. Unfortunately I don’t collect relics (yet), maybe one day I will. I will have to pass on the offer. If you bring this to a Civil War show or relic show (which Virginia has lots) you shouldn’t have much problem selling it.
    Regards, Gene West

      • Cody, it’s a bit hard to authenticate your sword without handling it, however I can pretty much say with certainty it’s not authentic………there’s a number of clues…..
        1. To much sand casting on the handle, if it were authentic it would have wire wheel and file markings on it.
        2. Blood groove is way to narrow.
        3. The star is way to perfect, never saw one as perfect as yours.

        There’s a couple other clues but I think you get the point. Another clue is authentic Short swords have a hollow handle I’m willing to bet yours doesn’t, which would make the sword very heavy towards the handle.

        Regards Gene West

  4. Hello my name is Marshall. I have stumbled across a supposed CS Bowie knife. I was wondering if you have ever seen one or can verify if it is real or a fake. It has stamp CS arsenal Selma, Alabama. I am trying to upload photos may have to send you another message. Thanks for any help.

    • Marshall,
      Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but I was out of town and didn’t have the means to communicate.
      The knife you have I don’t believe to be authentic. Hardly any Confederate knifes have makers marks on them and when they do all the letter are straight, one stamp was used…….your example has all the letters up and down, someone used individual stamps….one letter at a time making it look uneven.
      Also no knifes would be marked C.S. on them.

      Hope I helped, Gene

  5. I picked up this knife and am wondering if you can help me with identifying it, fake ? time period? anything will help.. research lead me to you.

    Thanks In advance

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