Confederate Bayonet Pike

The Civil War Arsenal’s collection of Confederate Pikes has grown again. My new acquisition was probably made in the great state of Georgia and measures a total of 82” long from from the base of the wood pole to the tip of the socket bayonet.

The fabricated bayonet pike at the top of the shaft measures a total of 25 5/8” and has a cross guard just below the attached U.S. bayonet. The attached bayonet does not have the U.S. markings like you’d find on so many existing examples.

There isn’t much information on these Southern Pikes and it’s hard to say if they were made for the home guard, militia, Navy or maybe even Artillery defense, but either way there Southern and there just cool.

Most surviving examples do not have an attached wooden shaft and I’m not convinced the wooden shaft on this example is original to the weapon. Maybe it was attached after the war and was displayed in a GAR Hall in the North or maybe a previous owner wanted a better display example for the war room, one things for sure it’s been attached to the fabricated socket bayonet for a very long time based on the color and petunia of the wood.

Check out the images of this “in the black Bayonet Pike” you’ll see lots forging flaws and hammer marks. If you have any questions about this weapon or any of the other weapons in the Civil War Arsenal feel free to contact me at, attn: Gene West…..Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Confederate Bayonet Pike

  1. Gene,

    I really enjoy your site. I came across a bayonet pike and would like to add a pole. I found an old tool handle that’s close. Was wondering what the best, most authentic ways of attaching it…nails? Screws? Any advice you can give would be great.


    • Chris,
      It’s a loaded question you ask, some would say leave it the way it is…..but if your certain you want to add a pole to your relic you should probably use wood screws, but not with a Phillips Head…..use a straight head……you can weather the screws (one on each side) with paint, and or salt & vinegar to age it.

      Hope this was helpful, Regards Gene

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